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Friday 24th March 2023 - Schedule Time UK GMT+1


18:05 MLB : New York Mets vs. Tampa Bay Rays MLB Network USA (CH-399) | Sportsnet Ontario (CH-406) | beIN SPORTS 3 English (CH-46)

18:05 MLB : Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankees Sportsnet Ontario (CH-406)

21:10 MLB : San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Angels MLB Network USA (CH-399)

23:07 MLB : Philadelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays Sportsnet Ontario (CH-406)

23:40 MLB : Houston Astros vs Miami Marlins Bally Sports Florida (CH-1)

02:05 MLB : Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Guardians MLB Network USA (CH-399)

21:00 NCAA College Baseball : Purdue vs. Michigan State BTN USA (CH-397)

22:30 NCAA College Softball : Texas Tech vs. Texas Longhorn Network USA (CH-2)

23:00 NCAA College Softball : Arizona State vs. California Pac-12 Network USA (CH-3)

00:00 NCAA College Baseball : Missouri vs. South Carolina SEC Network USA (CH-385)

01:00 NCAA College Softball : Arizona vs. Washington Pac-12 Washington USA (CH-4)

01:00 NCAA College Baseball : Arkansas vs. Louisiana State University ESPN2 USA (CH-45)

01:00 NCAA College Baseball : Louisville vs. Notre Dame ACC Network USA (CH-664)

01:00 NCAA College Softball : Arizona vs. Washington Pac-12 Network USA (CH-3)

02:00 NCAA College Softball : UCLA vs. Oregon Pac-12 Oregon USA (CH-5)

03:00 NCAA College Baseball : Washington vs. UCLA Pac-12 Washington USA (CH-4)

03:00 NCAA College Baseball : Arizona vs. Arizona State Pac-12 Network USA (CH-3)

03:00 NCAA College Softball : Oregon State vs. Stanford Pac-12 Bay Area USA (CH-6)

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